Doing joint ventures or JV’s as they are commonly known can produce some very profitable and mutually beneficial profits from the relatively stable UK property market.

At West Property Ventures we are always keen to work with investors who wish to invest in property by creating portfolios, or perhaps gain a greater return on their money than they would otherwise get with the low rates of interest offered by the banks.

We are very active in the property market and are members of many property investor communities so we are very upto date on the most lucrative investment strategies for high returns.

If you answer yes to any of these statements below then we strongly advise you get in touch to discuss how we can help:

  • You have savings in the bank but they are making little interest. With inflation, you may even be making a loss!
  • You have stocks or shares but they are not performing as you expected
  • You know there are potentially great profits in property but you don’t have the time or expertise to do it yourself
  • You would like to create a long term passive income
  • You would like to have large chunks of profit every few months with a very high return on your capital

Perhaps some of the most important things in a successful joint venture partnership is trust, security, honesty and clarity. It’s vital to us that our joint venture partners are kept well informed about about any investments made and all possible eventualities.

We are looking for long term, successful relationships with our joint venture partnerships and for that reason, we treat our partners with the utmost respect and integrity. In most cases as they joint venture partner providing the funds to purchase a property, you will be the legal owner or have 1st charge on the property, therefore making your investment entirely safe.

Below are a few examples of how we can invest in property for profit together:

  • Buy, Refurbish, Sell – Otherwise known as flipping, this strategy involves us using our wide range of contacts in the industry to locate below market properties in need of renovation. Once renovated or extended, the property is sold for a large profit.
  • Commercial to Residential –  This is a fast growing opportunity due to the government’s relaxation on the planning laws with regards to converting commercial property such as offices to residential homes. There are literally hundreds of old offices and pubs that are ready to be converted to residential making large profits and helping the government solved their housing shortage at the same time.
  • Buy, Refurbish, Refinance – This is the best way to build a strong portfolio of buy to let properties that produce ongoing, passive income and capital growth through the properties long term increase in value. Again, we locate property deals and then add value by refurbishing and ensuring they are in high tenant demand areas with strong rental yields.
  • Serviced Apartments – This is another exciting and rapidly growing market that uses the same properties you would have for normal buy to lets such as flats, houses or bungalows. They are rented out as serviced accommodation through leading accommodation Websites such as, AirBnB or HomeAway ( that was recently bought by Expedia for $4 Billion USD demonstrating their belief in the sector )

If you would like an informal chat to discuss how we can create a far greater return on your funds than you currently receive, please get in touch with us today.

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